Firefox OS

Most of manufacturer use Android as operating system, Apple use iOS and Huawei is now developing HarmonyOS. But there is also another OS available – Sailfish OS, which is available for selected Xperia smartphones. And another interesting system is Firefox OS from same developers like well known browser. In this article you can see demonstration of Firefox OS.

Firefox OS was designed to provide a complete, community-based alternative operating system, for running web applications directly or those installed from an application marketplace. The applications use open standards and approaches such as JavaScript and HTML5, a robust privilege model, and open web APIs that can communicate directly with hardware, e.g. cellphone hardware. As such, Mozilla with Firefox OS competed with commercially developed operating systems such as Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone,BlackBerry’s BlackBerry 10, Samsung’s/Linux Foundation’s Tizen and Jolla’s Sailfish OS. In December 2015, Mozilla announced it would stop development of new Firefox OS smartphones and in September 2016 announced the end of development